Leadership 2020 – The Continued New Normal. 

It’s my second year attending the Caldwell Partners CEO and Board Members Conference in Charleston.
This year’s theme is “Disruptor or Disrupted: Impacting Enterprise Value and Governance.”
Very timely considering what is going on in the world around us.
Even though Charleston gives you a feel of another time and worry-free living, the dynamism of change is felt even here.

I’m in discussion with Jay Millen about how organizations must embrace complexity and uncertainty, simply to survive in today’s world.

So Jay, what are some of the consequences and challenges you hear that leaders have to deal with, because of all the disruption around us?

2020 is within sight and today’s senior leaders and board members are faced with a more dynamic environment than ever. Disruptive technology, populist political swings, and activist investors all contribute to a more uncertain and complex leadership challenge than ever before.

The conversations I have with leaders are focused on the shrinking decision timeline and complex nature of business leadership decisions.

There has been a clear shift from technical qualification and skills such as financial acumen towards the leader’s ability to deal with two organizational capabilities shifts:

1) increased complexity with issues from regulatory compliance to work force management .

2) increased uncertainty with issues from economic markets to political and socioeconomic leadership and policy.


How can leaders prepare or adjust to the new circumstances?

When organizations are true to themselves about where they are or where they aspire to be across these dimensions, then the result is a real understanding of the existing culture and what kind of leaders are needed to maintain an agile culture or transform into one.

The agility and ability to lead organizations across complex and uncertain conditions is how leaders are navigating organizations to high performance and continuous improvement.

Our message is “most organizations hire for skill and fire for behavior”.

From our perspective assessing leaders’ ability to deal with complexity, uncertainty, and active learning capacity predictors for success is essential and the new must-have capability for organizational leadership today.

It’s the new normal – embrace leaders who can and do thrive in complex and uncertain environments or risk watching your competitors from a distance behind them.



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