I believe that we have never lived in a time where it has been more critical to have the right leadership and leadership culture in place to steer organizations through everything from the pace of technical innovation to cope with uncertainty and disruption in the evolving 21st century. – Jay Millen, Caldwell Partners

Jay is Managing Partner Board & CEO Practice at Caldwell Partners. In November 2015, he joined the firm as a managing partner. Jay joined the executive search team with a base of operations in the Carolinas that covers the technology, financial services and industrial sectors on a broad basis.

We had the opportunity to meet Jay at his office in Charleston, SC and find out about his motivation to join Caldwell and what he brings to the so-called ‘executive search table’.

Why did you join Caldwell Partners?

When I joined the firm in 2015, many executive search firms were questioning their core business and why they do what they do. The leadership team and my partners did not and do not have that issue – we are solely focused on providing our clients with transformational leadership opportunities for the candidate and transformative value creation for the organization provided by our placements.

What expertise did you bring to Caldwell Partners?

A major influence in developing my point of view on the importance of leadership and culture was my earlier work in the mergers & acquisitions field in the global natural resources sector.

Invariably, the greatest challenge in capturing the value of a potential integration was the fit of the two organizational cultures and leadership styles.

When a merger “failed” or an acquisition failed to deliver expected results,  I could almost always point to the inability to create a combined leadership team and culture that could transform the organization. The learning from these failures was a key part of my decision to move into a talent advisory and recruitment career from business consulting.

What makes you get up in the morning every day?

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than speaking with a senior executive or a board member post placement and learning that the executive or board member has had a significant impact on the business, and as importantly, that the new role has been life-changing for them individually as well.

Ultimately what I do is connect great people with great opportunities and then watch them take off together. Who wouldn’t enjoy doing that?



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